Overview of the Okami S90 vacuum cleaner robot


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A vacuum cleaner with a vacuum suction port and no turbo brush, positioned as a device for pet lovers. Provides dry and wet cleaning of hard surfaces, collects debris from carpets. The company used in the model all the developments of the past years that have successfully proven themselves for vacuum robots, there are also new developments in the algorithm of its work that increase efficiency. The vacuum cleaner is so good and whether it justifies the positive reviews about itself, this review will analyze.



Okami S90

  • Dry cleaning and work in the polisher mode.
  • Waste collection in a 450 ml cyclonic filter.
  • Suction power 90W.
  • 2000 mAh Li-lon battery, enough for 120 minutes of work, charging lasts 240 minutes.
  • Available cleaning area 120 sq.m.
  • Weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Automatic installation on the charger.
  • Side brush.
  • Remote control.
  • Soft bumper.
  • Height 9 cm.


Okami S90

  • Dock station.
  • Power Supply.
  • The motion limiter is a virtual wall.
  • User’s manual.
  • Remote control with IR transmitter.
  • Waste collection container.
  • Napkins for wet wiping the floor.
  • Vacuum cleaner care accessories.
  • Two spare side brushes.
  • Two filters.


Okami S90

The body of the robot is round in shape, made of black plastic in a combination of glossy and matte finish. The black color is less easily soiled, but also not as well visible indoors, if the robot has not automatically returned to the charging station.

The bumper is installed on the front side surface, it has 4 rangefinders operating in the IR range, mechanical touch sensors, an IR circular receiver to search for the docking station. An inconspicuous rubber lining runs along the bottom of the bumper, it protects the bumper itself and interior items from scuffs and scratches.

Okami S90

At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner are drive wheels, a swivel roller, side brushes and an oval-shaped hole for drawing in debris, here is a cover covering the battery compartment. There are sensors in the garbage collection hole to determine the amount of litter sucked in, due to which the vacuum cleaner determines the areas with the greatest pollution, where cleaning is carried out more thoroughly.

On the rear side of the case there is a large ventilation grille, on the bottom under the grille for attaching a napkin. During wet cleaning, the napkin is constantly kept wet by a drip system, water is supplied from a container.

The waste container is relatively large, located in the center and covered with a top cover. The garbage in it is carefully filtered, does not get outside, its amount does not affect the power of the vacuum cleaner. Inside, the container is divided into two parts by a mesh filter, in the first half all large rubbish is filtered out and remains, in the second small, held by a HEPA filter.


Okami S90

The vacuum cleaner is ideal for pet lovers, it cleans the room of hair, the absence of a turbo brush eliminates the need for constant cleaning. To replace the brush, the designers equipped the model with a vacuum suction hole. To improve efficiency, the suction power is increased, it is significantly higher than that of competitors.

The control system is implemented by touch buttons on the panel of the vacuum cleaner itself or buttons on the IR remote control. On the panel, you can select the operating mode, the remote control gives access to advanced settings — changing the mode, direction, programming the cleaning schedule.

The vacuum cleaner operates in 4 modes of operation, this list includes all standard modes and the zigzag movement, which its predecessors did not have, saves up to 25% of cleaning time, while capturing the maximum territory.

In the automatic mode, the robot surveys the room, selects the optimally suitable movement algorithm, and can change it during the cleaning process. It is best to move in a spiral in a large area, it starts from the center of the room with a gradual approach to the edge with an increase in the diagonal. In the mode of moving along the walls, the vacuum cleaner goes along the perimeter, if it stumbles upon an interior item, it moves along it.


Pros and cons

Okami S90

Based on the review, the following advantages of a vacuum cleaner can be distinguished:

  • Work in polisher mode.
  • UV lamp for surface disinfection.
  • Good equipment.
  • The motion limiter is a virtual wall.
  • High suction power.
  • Simple and easy to maintain.


  • Entangled in wires.
  • Doesn’t pick up trash out of corners.
  • Doesn’t always find a base.
  • Serves an area smaller than stated by the manufacturer.

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