Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Everybot RS500


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The Everybot RS500 robot is made in South Korea. The main function of the device is wet cleaning of the room, dry cleaning has faded into the background here. This is a new vision of the vacuum cleaner, since there are mainly devices for sale that produce dry garbage collection, and wiping only complements the program. Therefore, it will be interesting to understand in more detail the functionality and technical capabilities of the proposed model in our review.



Everybot RS500

The manufacturer, creating the device, deviated from the usual round shape and made the device in the form of two identical, closed semicircles. The size of the device is 36.8×20.1×14.1 cm. It weighs 1.9 kg. The case is represented by plastic in white and blue color, the top is mirrored, and the bottom is matte.

On the top panel of the device there is a power button (luminous indicator), as well as a sensor that captures light. A convenient handle is located at the point of convergence of the semicircles. The narrowed part contains a contact for connecting the power adapter and the device for recharging.

Both side parts of the device are equipped with a hard plastic mechanical bumper. On the bottom there are two washing devices in the form of circles that rotate during operation. Water is poured into special holes above them, closed with rubber plugs. Infrared sensors are also installed here, evaluating the retractable coating.


Everybot RS500

The robot polisher is designed for wet cleaning of smooth surfaces and has the following technical parameters:

  • cleans area: 30 sq. m;
  • dust collector: water filter;
  • 2 water tanks of 60 ml;
  • nozzle rotation speed: 130 rpm;
  • control: buttons on the body and remote control;
  • is charged: from the network external adapter;
  • power consumption: 27 W;
  • movement speed: 20 m/s;
  • noise: 50 dB;

The robot is powered by a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2150 mAh. Runs on a single charge for 50 minutes. Charges in power saving mode for 70 minutes, and after a complete discharge of the battery 150 minutes.


Everybot RS500

The robot cleans smooth flooring using water. It has 5 modes of operation:

  • The main one is considered automatic, when cleaning continues over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room until the battery is completely discharged.
  • Local involves wiping a certain area until the complete disappearance of pollution.
  • Perimeter cleaning is carried out in corners, against walls and around furniture.
  • You can use the movement of the device along the S or Y-shaped trajectory.
  • Manual mode means cleaning controlled by the remote control.

Everybot RS500

A feature of the device is the ability to clean the surface of the table, window or glass floor, holding the polisher by the handle.

This vacuum cleaner does not have a suction mechanism, so there is no dust collector. Wiping the floor is carried out thanks to two rotating cleaning panels with soft cloths, which are wetted with liquid from the compartments located in them. If there is a desire to carry out dry cleaning, water is not poured into the necessary holes and the robot rubs the floors dry, like a floor polisher.


Everybot RS500

The Everybot RS500 is packaged in a cardboard box with a plastic handle for easy portability. The content of this bundle consists of the following items:

  • robot;
  • mains power adapter (100-240 W);
  • infrared remote control with two AAA batteries to it;
  • 2 washing panels with liquid supply system;
  • a set of reusable napkins in the amount of four pieces;
  • 4 protective pads on the bumper;
  • instruction.


Advantages and disadvantages

Everybot RS500

The robot cleaner has the following advantages:

  • original and beautiful appearance;
  • compact dimensions;
  • high-quality case material;
  • different modes of operation;
  • automatic wetting of wipes;
  • high-quality wet cleaning;
  • remote control, buttons on the body and the possibility of manual cleaning;
  • low noise level.

Cons of the device:

  • small water tanks;
  • erratic movement with insufficient orientation in the room;
  • small area to be cleaned;
  • there is no virtual wall, the device can drive into the wrong place;
  • no charging station (automatic).

The cost of the device is approximately 15 thousand rubles, which can also be considered a disadvantage for a device that is not capable of vacuuming a room. However, if you prefer wet cleaning of the apartment, then the Everybot RS500 household floor polisher is the best solution for this purpose.

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