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The T80 robot vacuum cleaner and its older brother T90 are one of the best models of 2018 according to YandexMarket. The model differs from the T90 in the absence of a central brush and in the price — it is almost 5,000 rubles lower. The robot is designed to clean rooms where pets are kept. What else does the vacuum cleaner offer to customers, what characteristics, pros and cons does it have, we will consider in this review.



Okami T80

  • Performs dry and wet cleaning.
  • Collection of litter in a cyclone filter with a volume of 450 ml.
  • Complete with fine filter.
  • 2000 mAh Li-lon battery, 120 minutes of use, 240 minutes of charging.
  • 32 navigation sensors.
  • Dust bag full indicator.
  • Builds a room map.
  • Weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Automatic installation on the docking station.
  • Side brush.
  • Remote control.
  • Soft bumper.
  • Smartphone connection.
  • Height 9 cm.

The average price is 25,000 rubles.


Okami T80

  • Remote control.
  • Network connection adapter.
  • Charging station.
  • virtual wall.
  • 2 air filters.
  • 4 side brushes.
  • Brush for cleaning the dust collector.
  • Nozzles for work in the floor polisher mode — 2 pcs.


Okami T80

The case in the form of a regular circle is not distinguished by miniature size — height 9 cm, diameter 35. A soft protective bumper is placed on the side, protecting the vacuum cleaner itself and interior items from damage during collisions. The bumper houses sensors for detecting obstacles and a charging station.

At the bottom are two large drive wheels and a front swivel caster for maneuvering. There is no central brush, it is replaced by two side brushes that scoop up all the debris to the suction hole. The battery compartment cover is also located here.


Okami T80

The T80 is a step up from its predecessors, designing the map smartly, creating a 2D floor plan of the cleaning area. If cleaning is not the first time, then in the process he compares the arrangement of interior items with the previous built map. If there are changes, the electronics creates a new plan. The accuracy of maneuvering in space provides a built-in gyroscope.

The robot is equipped with a patented technology that allows you to remember already cleaned places, not to pass through them again. This approach makes cleaning fast, economical in terms of energy consumption.

The vacuum cleaner is recognized among buyers as the best cleaner for wool from carpets. The suction hole creates a vacuum, coupled with a rubber nozzle, effectively collects wool from the floor. The absence of a central brush is also an advantage — you do not have to constantly clean it from wound hair.

The T80 voice alert system is Russified. The bottom and bumper are littered with a variety of sensors for detecting obstacles, height differences, and finding a charging station.

Wet cleaning is carried out using an installed nozzle with a napkin and a water tank, the liquid is dosed onto the fabric, wetting it throughout the cleaning. The model works in three modes: zigzag, along the corners and along the edge. Scheduled cleaning is available. Suitable for cleaning all types of hard floors and carpets. The control system is implemented using a remote control or through an application installed on a smartphone.


Advantages and disadvantages

The vacuum cleaner demonstrates such advantages over its counterparts:

  • Powerful engine.
  • High capacity battery.
  • virtual wall.
  • Smartphone control system.
  • Effective cleaning of floors and carpets.
  • Low noise level.
  • Optimal indoor movement algorithm.
  • UV lamp.

According to customer reviews, no cons were found in the model. Minor disadvantages include dimensions, some competitors demonstrate a lower height with a diameter, but given the functionality of the vacuum cleaner, the dimensions can be forgiven.

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