Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner REDMOND RV-R400


  • Specifications

  • Appearance

  • Functionality

  • Equipment

  • Advantages and disadvantages

Robot vacuum cleaner Redmond RV-R400 — this new product is powerful, has a large capacity for debris, a bright display and reliability. At the beginning of 2019, the gadget cost only 14.5 thousand rubles, which, taking into account the rich configuration, makes the vacuum cleaner competitive with analogues of well-known brands. This article provides a detailed overview of the specifications, packaging and features of the RV-R400.




  • Modern battery with lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity of 1800 mAh is enough to process an area up to 120 m2.
  • The maximum suction power is 38W, and fine to medium debris is effortlessly sucked up.
  • Operating time on a fully charged battery — 45 minutes.
  • Restores a full charge in 4 hours.
  • Repeats cleaning up to 3 cycles.
  • 4 working modes.
  • Volumetric dust collector — 0.8 l.
  • A bit noisy — 72 dB.
  • Dimensions 352x347x101 mm.



The vacuum cleaner has a spectacular and bright design with an unusual body color. Most brand-name robot vacuum cleaners are available in black and white, and this model is a noble copper color.

The liquid crystal display on the top is bright, with a pleasant backlight, it displays information about the mode, charge level. Under the display is a control panel — six buttons with the designation of the functional purpose. This point is detailed in the instructions.

Obstacle detection sensors are located on the front end of the bumper. The bumper itself is on spring supports for unhindered movement relative to the body. At the back is a key to access the latch of the trash can. It comes out easily. Users in the reviews write that the robot, when reversing, spontaneously unfastens the dust tank. It is necessary to ensure that the surface is even, then such an incident does not arise.

In the lower part, which is made of impact-resistant black plastic, there are two shafts with opposite rotation. Three bladed brushes are fixed on them. A fuse is provided on the drive wheels, it works and turns off the drive if the robot vacuum cleaner breaks off the floor surface. Increases the quality of cleaning cleanliness with a rotating brush installed in the air intake duct.

On the bottom there is a battery hatch cover, a battery power switch.

The gadget can be easily disassembled for cleaning. And it must be carried out after every 2-3 cycles. The brushes, dust collector and filters are disconnected. Rinse under running warm water without detergent. If the elements or the waste bin are heavily soiled, a normal detergent is used. Clean elements are dried away from direct heat sources. Then they collect. The manual has a detailed assembly diagram. You can wipe the top of the case with a damp cloth. Remove dust from the display and keys. In order for the sensors to work normally, they should also be wiped with a damp cloth.



The RV-R400 robotic vacuum cleaner cleans hardwood floors, laminate, ceramic and marble tiles, parquet dowels, and low pile carpet.

Operating modes:

  • Automatic cleaning. A program is exhibited that independently cleans the room. The robot chooses the trajectory of movement. Everything is done automatically without human intervention.
  • Manual control by buttons on the panel or from the remote control.
  • Local or point. If you need to do a general cleaning of the contaminated area. The mode is set manually.
  • Turbo. Cleans quickly and saves time.

Control buttons or remote control is simple, the designations are intuitive. What modes are available:

  1. Automatic / manual.
  2. Start delay.
  3. Local cleaning.
  4. Re-cleaning. You can set 1-3 cycles.

The robot vacuum cleaner is automatically installed on the charging base using infrared sensors. They determine the position of the base and direct the gadget to it.

For spot or local cleaning, a virtual wall or magnetic tape is used.

A virtual wall is a device that sends a signal to a robotic cleaner. The robot recognizes this signal and associates it with a physical barrier. In this way, the access of the device to those areas where it is not required to clean is limited.

Magnetic tape restricts movement to specific areas, protects valuable fragile items from collision with equipment. The robot «recognizes» the obstacle with the help of sensors, begins to change the trajectory of movement.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with sensors:

  • Orientation in space.
  • Obstacle recognition.
  • From collisions.
  • From flipping.

When lifted off the floor, the robot automatically stops cleaning.



  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Accumulator battery.
  • Attachments to the battery — 2 pcs.
  • The charging base is stationary.
  • remote control.
  • virtual wall.
  • Magnetic tape.
  • Rotating brush.
  • Side brushes — 4 pcs.
  • Mounting screws for side brushes.
  • Batteries D R20 — 2 pcs.
  • AAA batteries — 2 pcs.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Service book.


Advantages and disadvantages



  • Complete set, as in expensive branded models at the budget cost of the device.
  • Re-cleaning function.
  • Good equipment with sensors.
  • Four main cleaning modes, including turbo economy mode.
  • Great suction power.
  • Big trash can.
  • In the reviews, users note the quality of the absorption of animal hair.


  • Noisy model. 72 dB declared by the manufacturer, in reality they sound at 100-150 dB. Night cleaning is not recommended.
  • There is no programming of cleaning by days of the week.
  • Heavy for manual carrying — 6 kg.
  • Large height for a robotic cleaner — 11 cm. Does not clean under low furniture.
  • Control from the remote control is incorrect. In 5-10% there is no response to the given commands.

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