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Unlike the advertised expensive brands of Chinese assembly, the iCLEBO Arte robot vacuum cleaner was developed and assembled entirely in South Korea, which in itself says a lot about its quality. It took the company 7 years to develop this model — from the creation of the line in 2005 to the release of Arte in 2012. As a result, the device turned out to be almost completely devoid of flaws and having rich functionality.




  • Provides dry and wet cleaning.
  • Dust collector with a 600 ml cyclone filter.
  • Wet cleaning — wiping the floors with the included microfiber cloth.
  • Li-lon battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh, enough for 120 minutes of work, charging lasts 110 minutes.
  • Noise level 55 dB.
  • Develops speed up to 18 m/min.
  • Management from the DU panel, programming on days of week.

The average cost is 28,000 rubles.



  • Dock station.
  • Block and power cord.
  • Infrared remote control and two batteries for it.
  • User manual on paper and disk.
  • Brushes for side placement.
  • Two spare filters.
  • Main brush.
  • Comb for cleaning.
  • Microfiber cloth and drip tray.
  • Magnetic tape to limit cleaning space.
  • 2-sided self-adhesive strip.



The model is characterized by a stylish and expensive design. It is presented in different colors, which can be recognized by markings:

  • YCR-M05-10, Carbon — dark gray and black case with orange insert all around.
  • YCR-M05-20, Silver — light gray and black all around.
  • YCR-M05-30, Black Edition — black matte case.
  • YCR-M05-50, Red — red with a black insert around.
  • YCR-M05-50, Sakura is a design model with a pink pattern on a dark gray body.

The robot has the shape of an almost regular circle, but the radius of the bumper is slightly larger than the radius of the rear of the body. The edges are beveled at the bottom to make it easier to pass obstacles. On the top panel there are three touch buttons, a display and vacuum cleaner status indicators. Here, in a single block with them, there is an upwardly directed camera. All elements are covered with a strong plate for protection.


The front half of the case is surrounded by a spring-loaded bumper, on the front there is a small protrusion — this is the highest point of the model, the distance from the floor to it is 8.8 cm. The front part of the bumper is covered with a strip of polyethylene that protects it from scratches. A dust collector is fixed at the back, fitting into the overall circumference of the vacuum cleaner. On the right side there is a power connector and a button to turn off the device.

At the bottom there are two contact pads, a front roller without turns, two side brushes, a battery cover, drive wheels in the amount of two pieces on spring-loaded levers, a main brush compartment and a dust collector bottom made of translucent material to determine its filling.



The navigation system consists of a video camera, mechanical sensors that respond to collisions and bumper movement, and IR sensors that determine the proximity of an obstacle are located in the recess of the bumper. There are also IR height change sensors located on the bottom, closer to its edge in the front. IR sensors for finding the base on the front of the bumper. Floor lift sensor, when triggered, the vacuum cleaner stops its work. Gyroscopic sensor for orientation.

The base of the vacuum cleaner is curiously arranged. Under its top cover, you can find a comb brush for cleaning the dust collector, the main brush, sensors and other items from the kit. A table with tips on error codes is pasted on the inside of the cover. Behind the back cover is a compartment with an external power adapter installed in it. If necessary, the adapter can be removed to charge the vacuum cleaner without using the base. The base area of ​​the base is impressive, with rubber pads glued to it, which keep the base from moving during the automatic installation of the robot on it.

The robot can make a turn on the spot without increasing the occupied area due to the round shape and the location of the wheels on the same diameter with the circumference. Maneuverability adds a small height and a smooth body around the perimeter.


During the cleaning process, the two front brushes work, they scoop up the debris to the center, where the fixed rubber scraper directs them into the dust collector through the suction hole. For wet cleaning, a moistened microfiber cloth is attached to a special bar behind the main brush. Wet cleaning mode turns on automatically after installing the bar. At the same time, the robot cannot be used in wet rooms, nor is it allowed to work to collect water.

The vacuum cleaner has five main modes of operation:

  1. Auto — one-time cleaning from one point to another with garbage collection on the entire area between them.
  2. Chaotic movement — an arbitrary direction of work in a given territory, the mode is limited in time.
  3. Maximum — the specified area is cleaned until the battery runs out.
  4. Local — cleaning in one specified area in the room.
  5. Manual — the direction of movement is indicated by the IR remote control.

It is noteworthy that the robot has a function for overcoming obstacles — it allows you to pass obstacles up to 20 mm. If this function is not enabled, the maximum obstacle threshold is 15 mm. There are cleaning schedule settings for the days of the week.


Advantages and disadvantages


Notable aspects of the model:

  • Good navigation system and several operating modes.
  • The dust collector is easy to clean.
  • Small height.
  • Two side brushes
  • Nozzle for wet cleaning.
  • Magnetic tape to limit the working space.
  • Manual control system of the robot from the remote control.

Negative sides:

  • The model is more for finishing cleaning, it does not clean the surface perfectly, but with regular use it improves the quality of manual cleaning with the main vacuum cleaner.
  • In the event of an error, the program restarts after a restart.

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