What is the best material for an electric kettle?


  • Advantages and disadvantages of electric kettles

  • Plastic

  • Metal

  • Ceramics

  • Glass

  • Conclusion

Electric kettles are one of the most common small household appliances today. A convenient device that instantly heats water for making a hot drink or other purposes. In our hectic and active daily life, this is quite a useful thing. Such a household appliance is in almost every kitchen. Their range is represented by a wide selection. All of them differ from each other: firm, volume, power, design, price and material of manufacture.

Despite the relevance of this device in everyday life, there is a constant discussion between consumers. Is the electric kettle harmful in daily use, and what material is it of better quality.

Consider the main characteristics of electronic kettles for the home and figure out what material to choose from.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric kettles

Preimushhestva i nedostatki jelektrochajnikov

We all highlight the positive aspects in the process of using these devices, especially since they are unconditional and create certain conveniences in our daily affairs. This technique has a number of advantages. Namely:

  • Instant heating of water, which saves our time for preparing our favorite drinks. Especially in the morning, when you need an immediate serving of morning coffee to wake up.
  • Autonomous. Not tied to any other kitchen appliances or furniture set. All you need is an outlet to turn it on. Therefore, without problems, it can be placed in any corner and transferred from place to place.

In addition to the main purpose, various models can contain quite interesting functionality, among which are the following functions:

  • Heating water up to the set temperature. Agree, not in all cases you need boiling water. Many drinks are prepared at low temperatures, and in turn, are acceptable for consumption at the same time.
  • Maintaining the set water temperature, which allows you to always have warm / hot water in the kettle. This is especially true when there are small children in the house and often you suddenly need to have warm water on hand for making drinks, diluting milk formula, medicines, and the like.
  • Sound alert for boiling. A very necessary thing. It often happens that the owner put the water on and forgot about it. And she not only boiled, but already managed to cool down.
  • Multi-colored lights give a special mood, playfulness while doing household chores.
  • Timer delay. Now you can safely go to the shower and set the timer so that when you leave, the water in the kettle is ready to make a drink.
  • A nice feature that will purify the water from chlorine. Intensive boiling.
  • Most kettles are equipped with a sensor that prevents the appliance from turning on when there is no water in it. This will help save the device in case you forgot to fill it with water.
  • The presence of filters that allow you to filter especially hard water.
  • The newest models have a built-in remote control function from a smartphone.
  • One of the important advantages is that the new models have a more economical use of electricity. Which actually was always the first drawback of using these devices in everyday life because of the high cost.

Despite its positive aspects, such a device also has certain disadvantages. Among which:

  • The possibility of emitting an unpleasant toxic odor when heated. Most often, the reason is the cheap material of the body of the device itself — plastic. Such a disadvantage can be observed both during the first times of use, and during the entire further operation.
  • Wiring problems when using the device. In particular, its ignition. This is due to the unbearable old electrical wiring of powerful electric kettles.

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What is the best body material for electric kettles

In order for your favorite teapot to serve for a long time and with high quality, you should be responsible for its choice, and before buying, carefully evaluate all its pros and cons.

It has already become clear that the kettle option can be of various types. It remains only to decide which of these all you need. It is important to choose not by the number of functions in general, but by the presence of the functions that are necessary for you. For example, not everyone needs a countdown timer or a remote control function. But the more features a technique has, the higher its price.

Therefore, it is better to concentrate on high-quality devices with the necessary functionality. In particular, the body material of the kettle itself plays an important role. To answer the question of which electric kettle is better, metal or glass, plastic or ceramic, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Table of the best electric kettles in 2022

Place Name Price
The best plastic electric kettles
one Bosch TWK3A011
Yandex Market
2 Polaris PWK 1803C Water Way Pro
Yandex Market
3 Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro Global
Yandex Market
The best metal electric kettles
one Gorenje K17CLI
Yandex Market
2 Bosch TWK7809
Yandex Market
Yandex Market
The best ceramic electric kettles
one Gorenje K10BKC
Yandex Market
2 Kelli KL-1338
Yandex Market
3 CENTEK CT-0061
Yandex Market
The best glass electric kettles
one Polaris PWK 1725CGLD WIFI IQ Home
Yandex Market
2 REDMOND SkyKettle RK-G203S
Yandex Market
Yandex Market


plastikovyj jelektrochajnik

Teapots made of this material were very popular at one time, because they enjoy the following advantages:

  • Average or low price of the device.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Large selection of designs and colors.

But this is not the whole feature. The big fat question about plastic electric kettles is their impact on health. If the body material is of poor quality, it is felt by the smell and taste of water. This is due to the fact that when heated to a high temperature, plastic releases harmful substances.

If we talk about teapots of well-known European companies, then it should be noted that they make models from high-quality food-grade plastic. This one has an excellent look and smell from cheap low-quality plastic.

Note to everyone that the period of safe use of a plastic electric kettle provides for three years.

Environmentally friendly plastic does not emit odor when heated, except during the first use.

If your choice still fell in favor of a plastic device, then choose at least one that is made of polycarbonate.

TOP 3 best plastic electric kettles

  1. Bosch TWK3A011
  2. Polaris PWK 1803C Water Way Pro
  3. Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro Global

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metallicheskie jelektrochainiki

Plastic kettles were replaced by metal ones, and immediately became popular due to the following advantages:

  • Modern design.
  • Durability.
  • Durability.
  • Environmental friendliness.

If we talk about the key argument — about harm or health benefits, then kettles with such a body are used to be considered environmentally friendly. The following should be understood here. Metal kettles can be made from aluminum or stainless steel.

Aluminum, when heated, is able to release iron oxide into water. Stainless steel is safe in this regard and does not emit substances harmful to health.

True, water in a stainless steel kettle cannot be left for a long time and then used. If during the day the water is in the tank, then iron oxide, also in small quantities, however, will be released into the water.

As for operation, it is worth considering that the metal heats up quickly and keeps heat for a long time. Therefore, it is convenient when the case has decorations in the form of rubber pads or a double layer (metal in the middle, plastic on top) to prevent burns.

TOP 3 best kettles with a metal case

  1. REDMOND RK-M179
  2. Bosch TWK7809
  3. Gorenje K17CLI

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keramicheskij jelektrochajnik

Ceramic electric kettles for real aesthetes. This is an absolutely acceptable material; when heated, it does not emit harmful substances and does not affect the taste and smell of water. Has certain features:

  • Elegant appearance. The design allows you to adequately place it on a hospitable table. In addition, such teapots often come with sets of mugs.
  • Large selection of designs, colors and manufacturers.
  • The thick walls of the material keep the heat inside for a long time.
  • Through a smooth inner surface, it practically does not form scale on the walls.
  • There is no contact of water with current, because ceramics do not let it through.
  • Water retains its natural taste and smell.

Among the shortcomings should be noted:

  • Long heating time, due to the thick walls of the device.
  • Heavy and brittle, therefore requires very careful handling.
  • The price is high.

TOP 3 ceramic teapots

  1. CENTEK CT-0061
  2. Kelli KL-1338
  3. Gorenje K10BKC

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stekljannyj jelektrochajnik

Glass is a modern version of an electric kettle. Usually they fit perfectly into the styles of modern trends: modern, loft.

It has a simple and concise appearance. Models are often equipped with colored lighting, which gives an unsurpassed view of the device during operation. Made from heat resistant clear glass. It has a number of advantages, including:

  • Unique design.
  • A transparent container allows you to observe the level of filling of water and the process of bewitching seething when boiling.
  • Glass is an environmentally friendly material, does not emit any toxins.

Among the shortcomings it is impossible not to notice:

  • Fragility, no matter how thick glass is, it is a fragile and delicate material.
  • Slight scale is immediately noticeable and spoils the perfect look.
  • When heated, there is a risk of burning, so care should be taken to take this into account as well.
  • It is quite heavy in weight, so it will be quite difficult for children to maneuver it.

The best glass electric kettles

  2. REDMOND SkyKettle RK-G203S
  3. Polaris PWK 1725CGLD WIFI IQ Home

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When choosing, pay attention to the handle. Ideally, this is a glass teapot with a plastic handle. If the handle is metal, this will create inconvenience. It constantly heats up and before you take the kettle you will be forced to arm yourself with an oven mitt.

If we talk about the taste of water, then when using each type of electric kettle, it will be different in taste. In particular, after conducting experimental studies, the following was revealed. Tea made from water heated with a plastic teapot has an unbearable taste and smell. This is sharply celebrated, distorts the taste and smell of the drink.

Metal kettles are more forgiving in this respect. That is, they are practically not perceptible, but in the water there is still a slight taste of sourness and a specific smell.

heated water in ceramic and glass containers there is absolutely natural. Does not contain any third-party smell or taste. And as we know for a reason, because these materials do not emit any harmful substances.

Usually, purchases are made within the planned budget. Making a choice remember that the quality of the device may affect the state of your body. Consider all the above factors about models of various types and make the right choice in your favor.

In particular, to replace the extended functionality of inferior quality, it is better to give preference to a kettle with basic functions, however, of high quality material.

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