Xiaomi Lydsto S1



29 990 rubles

Briefly about the product

  • Battery capacity — 5200 mAh.
  • Working time — 150 min.
  • Suction force — 3000 Pa.
  • Navigation — lidar.
  • Dust collector — 300 ml.
  • Water tank — 250 ml.

All characteristics

  • Line — S-Series.
  • Container type — container, dust bag.
  • Smartphone control yes.
  • Add. functions — building a map of the room, a signal when stuck, a signal when the battery is low.
  • Design features — a garbage bin in the base, a soft bumper.
  • Type of sensors — infrared.
  • Dimensions — 350×98 mm.
  • Price — 27-30 thousand rubles.


Xiaomi Lydsto S1 is a robot vacuum cleaner with a price tag of about $500. It is equipped with lidar, a large set of functions, a self-cleaning base and a UV lamp for surface disinfection. With such a system, the user does not come into contact with dust, which is especially important for those with allergies.. Read more about the design, equipment and capabilities of this robot later in the review.


  • Let’s start with the set

  • We figured out the configuration, now let’s move on to the design

  • Navigation

  • Application

  • Dry cleaning

  • Wet cleaning

  • Advantages and disadvantages

  • Summing up

Let’s start with the set

In a big box they put:

  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • self-cleaning station;
  • 6 disposable garbage bags;
  • mop with installed microfiber;
  • 30 disposable wipes;
  • service «bird»;
  • instruction in English.

Standard equipment, but with the exception of consumables. Apparently, their abundance is associated with the desire of the manufacturer to accustom the user to convenience and thus stimulate the purchase of bags and napkins in the future.

We figured out the configuration, now let’s move on to the design

The design of Lydsto S1 is typical for robots of this type: a “tablet” with a lidar on the roofa slotted bumper (TOF sensor for working along walls), and a 2 in 1 module is inserted at the back.Triple filtration dust collector holds up to 300 ml of dry waste. The water tank is designed for 250 ml. Inside there is a pump for electronic control of the fluid supply. A nozzle with a napkin is attached to the bottom of the container. After parking, the Lydsto S1 pumps the dirt from this compartment into a bag at the station.

For dry cleaning, an end brush with long leashes, a turbo brush in a “floating” socket and a UV lamp are responsiblewhich disinfects the floor. The ends of the turbo brush are removable to make it easier to remove hair from it. Also, a mop with a homogeneous microfiber and three holes for water supply is installed under the bottom.

The docking station is made in the form of a column without a recess, so the parked robot takes up a lot of space. Docking takes place through the rear hatch, which reduces the length of the air duct.

Navigation is standard for a lidar robot. Lydsto S1 avoids obstacles in the field of view of the lidar in advance and “probes” lower objects. 2-centimeter thresholds pass easily, with dryer legs and carpets there are no problems. He is afraid of dark coatings, so if there are any, fall sensors will have to be sealed.


Management is carried out through the proprietary application Lydsto. Its capabilities include:

  • multicard mode;
  • power adjustment;
  • wetting adjustment;
  • choice of the number of passes;
  • target zones;
  • restricted areas;
  • virtual walls;
  • areas without a mop;
  • room editor;
  • cleaning options for each room;
  • schedule by days of the week with a choice of the necessary zones;
  • Yandex Alice;
  • choice of voice package (Russian available);
  • automatic power boost on carpets;
  • setting the frequency of self-cleaning of the dust box;
  • manual control (joystick);
  • cleaning history;
  • DND mode.

The application allows you to flexibly customize cleaning in each room. Premium functionality.

Dry cleaning

Lydsto S1 cleans a smooth floor from sand, small and large debris. But the actual suction power is less than stated, you can not count on deep cleaning of carpets. The robot well collects crumbs from the surface, combs the hairbut the debris stuck in the carpet pile remains there.

Self-cleaning works fine. If the dust container is moderately full, it cleans it on the first try.

Wet cleaning

The implementation of wet cleaning is average. For 4-6 passes, Lydsto S1 washes dried coffee, but does not cope with greasy and old stains. Such opportunities are sufficient for preventive and complex cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • corporate design;
  • premium battery;
  • many consumables included;
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • the turbo brush is disassembled;
  • triple filtration;
  • avoids high obstacles;
  • flexible cleaning settings;
  • cleans smooth floors.
  • takes up a lot of space in standby mode;
  • afraid of black carpets.

Summing up

Lydsto S1 is a typical member of the self-cleaning robot class, which is evident in its design, features and functions.. Lydsto S1 will become a reliable assistant in an apartment with homogeneous coatings: laminate, linoleum or carpet, but Lydsto S1 will not be able to pull sand out of the carpet. Significant advantages of the robot against competitors are the special settings for each room and the UV lamp, the effectiveness of which is questionable. If children and a shaggy dog ​​run around the house, it is better to throw in 5-6 thousand rubles and take Dreame Bot Z10 Pro He pulls the dust out of the carpets and recognizes the objects on the floor. And if you need a robot with a floor polisher function, it is better to consider Midea S8+ — he has a price tag of about 30 thousand rubles.