Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2C



15 500 rubles.

Briefly about the product

  • Battery capacity — 2600 mAh.
  • Working time — 120 min.
  • Suction force — 2200 Pa.
  • Navigation — camera.
  • Clean water tank — 600 ml.
  • Dirty water tank — 200 ml.

All characteristics

  • Cleaning type — dry and wet.
  • Complete set — side brush, turbo brush.
  • Type of sensors – infrared/ultrasonic.
  • Smartphone control yes.
  • Dimensions — 350×81.5 mm.
  • Price — 14-18 thousand rubles.


Very cool but outdated Mijia 1C needed an update for a long time, and in 2021 Xiaomi released a new version Mijia 2C for the Chinese market, and in 2022 they released a global version — Robot Vacuum Mop 2C. The Chinese version of Mijia 2C received a five-beam brush and a powerful battery, and the global version at first glance does not differ at all from the base 1C — at least in design. Let’s take a closer look at the global version of the Mop 2C: consider the package bundle, functionality, cleaning quality and try to understand whether it is worth paying 15 thousand rubles for this vacuum cleaner.


  • Let’s go through the set

  • We figured out the configuration, now let’s move on to the design

  • What’s up with navigation?

  • Application

  • Dry cleaning

  • Wet cleaning

  • Advantages and disadvantages

  • Summing up

Let’s go through the set

The robot comes with:

  • charging station and power cord;
  • mop with installed napkin;
  • documentation in Russian.

The equipment is minimal, after six months you will have to buy additional consumables. It still does not hurt to get a brush with a hair cutter.

We figured out the configuration, now let’s move on to the design

Visually, Mop 2C is no different from 1C — a white tablet with a camera on the front panel. Ahead — a bumper with a tinted stripe, behind — outlets.

The dust collector is inserted under the cover. This is a 600 ml clear container without a shutter in the inlet and single filtered through a HEPA filter.

In place of the second end brush is a floor sensor. It helps to build a map by measuring the distance traveled. The bell «floats», adapting to the floor relief. On the frame of the turbo brush, protection against winding of socks is provided. Turbobrush universal, with petals and bristles. The design is non-separable, so it is inconvenient to clean the brush. And here it would be appropriate to recall that they did not put a «bird» in the box for maintenance.

What’s up with navigation?

Navigation is the same as cheap robots with a gyroscope: Mop 2C rams obstacles, does not sweep furniture legs, fiddles with a dryer for a long time. Of the pluses, I note climbing abilities (2-centimeter thresholds jumps on the first try), quiet work on black carpets and the ability to collect garbage where the robot with lidar will not go (thin body does its job).

Within the apartment, Mop 2C acts rationally: cleans room after room, does not make unnecessary passages. At maximum power, the battery lasts for 50 minutes or 40 sq. m.


The MiHome app offers the following functionality:

  • building and saving a map;
  • power adjustment;
  • wetting adjustment;
  • target zones;
  • restricted areas;
  • virtual walls;
  • areas without a mop;
  • room editor;
  • schedule by day of the week;
  • Yandex Alice;
  • choice of voice package (Russian available);
  • assessment of wear of accessories;
  • joystick control;
  • do not disturb mode;
  • audio search.

The application is exactly like Mijia 1C after the last update, but it connects through the Russian Federation region, it works faster and more stable.

Dry cleaning

Despite moderate suction power (claimed 2200 Pa), the quality of dry cleaning Mop 2C is not inferior to premium robots: perfectly picks up sand and wool from the laminate, thoroughly cleans carpets on the surface and even combs out specks from deep pile. When moving along the walls, the robot constantly “nods” towards the plinth — the cleaning speed is reduced because of this, but the end brush has more time to do its job. Only single specks remain in the near-wall zones.

Wet cleaning

In the process of wet cleaning, the robot wets the cloth under the pressure of the pumpbut the water supply rate is low, so the first 2 minutes Mop 2C is idling. A wet cloth removes surface dust and washes dried coffee in a couple of passes. Wherein only the middle part of the napkin works, and the edges do not come into contact with the floor, which leaves unwashed areas within 10 cm near the walls.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • low profile design;
  • connection through the Russian region;
  • high-quality dry cleaning;
  • quick map building;
  • map zoning and room breakdown;
  • vacuums and wipes in one working cycle.
  • does not sweep over obstacles;
  • no protective «skirt»;
  • stingy equipment;
  • no pre-filter;
  • low autonomy;
  • the turbo brush is not disassembled.

Summing up

Robot Vacuum Mop 2C is an almost complete copy of the 2019 Mijia 1C, but still better than most competitors in its price segment. This is especially true for the quality of dry cleaning. The robot will become a reliable assistant in small apartments with smooth surfaces and thin carpets. But if you have a big house and a furry dog, it’s better to add a couple of thousand and take Dreame F9. It is almost the same as the Mop 2C, only with a premium battery, a modern working unit design and better wet cleaning.