Yesterday, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun unveiled a revolutionary new smartphone that uses a waterfall screen with four 88° curves on all sides.

The device immediately caused a heated discussion in various forums. Many agree that the smartphone looks very interesting, but almost everyone is worried about its durability and the practicality of this form of body.

People ask questions that Xiaomi does not answer: will the smartphone be slippery in the hand, how the manufacturer will offer to protect the screen (what cases are available for your smartphone), how durable will the curved protective glass be, a protective film will stick on this screen, and so on. In addition, many are concerned about random clicks.

Here are just some of the reviews:

  • I really liked the design, but what will happen to him when he falls — will he immediately break?
  • They only think about making an interesting design, but certainly not about practicality.
  • Looks great, but there is a usability issue
  • The problem of random clicks can be quite annoying
    • I hope Xiaomi will change the screen for free (at least the first 5 times) *
    • Great, but totally impractical*

The company has not yet announced the release date and price of the smartphone.