The fashion for smartphones with cameras to capture photos and videos with a full three-dimensional effect has passed a few years ago. However, the new patent of the Chinese company Xiaomi shows development in this direction.

The drawings in the patent show a smartphone with four camera modules on the rear panel, but located not in a single block, but at the corners of the case.

Separately, it can be noted that the front camera is not visible, but the drawings in the patent do not provide for a retractable unit with it. Thus, the camera will be hidden under the screen. Xiaomi has not yet released smartphones with such «invisible» cameras built under the display.

The color images are based on the official drawings from the patent by LetsGoDigital thematic resource, which found the documentation.

Smartphones with 3D cameras became fashionable back in 2011, when LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D were introduced. However, then such smartphones did not become a ubiquitous choice among users. Now mobile 3D photography could be taken to the next level, as smartphone camera component manufacturers have come a very long way since then.