The latest Xiaomi smartphone of the flagship Mi MIX line was released on October 25, 2018, and since then there have been many rumors about a new model, a potential Mi MIX4, but the company has been stubbornly silent about the future of the line and did not give even a hint of a sequel. And now Xiaomi is finally ready to talk about the future of MiMIX.

Official details about this will be tomorrow, and from the mouth of the head of the company Lei Jun (Lei Jun). Tomorrow, a dinner will be held in China where Xiaomi executives will meet with fans (also called Mi fans) and discuss many burning issues. Of course, the fate of MiMIX flagships is one of them. Xiaomi even released a teaser about this. On it are the outlines of a smartphone. Is this picture a hint that the fate of MiMIX 4 is out of danger? Well, we will get the answer to this question tomorrow.