Xiaomi manager in Ukraine Michael Feng published on his Facebook page a slide from the Canalys presentation with the top 5 smartphone suppliers to the Ukrainian market. The title of the slide shows Q4 2020 and the source of information is February 2021. In first place is Xiaomi (which, in fact, is a well-deserved reason for pride and the reason for the appearance of this publication on the manager’s page) with a 38% market share and growth over the year (usually compared to the periods of the previous year to avoid the impact of seasonality on the results) at 33%. It is worth saying that this is not the largest share in the Ukrainian market — Nokia and Samsung in their best times exceeded 40%, so the leader still has room to grow. But, of course, this is not surprising, and not even the second place in the top.

In second place is Samsung with a market share of 19% and an 18% drop from the previous year. Huawei has lost the most in a year (and we all know why this is happening, hello to the Trump administration): 42% and a current market share of 12%. In third place, Canalys analysts fixed the company Transsion Holdings, the name of which is generally not known to many. We are talking about an African company represented on our market by smartphones under the Tecno Mobile brand (the company’s portfolio also includes iTel Mobile and Infinix Mobile brands, which are not sold here). During the year, the market share increased by 455%, reaching 6%. OPPO closes the top five with even more impressive performance — its sales for the year grew by 731%, that is, 8 times, and occupied 6% of the Ukrainian smartphone market.

It is worth saying that according to Canalys data for the 4th quarter of 2020, Apple ranked 1st in the world, having sold a record 81.8 million iPhones and reaching a global market share of 23% (every 4 smartphones sold in the world in the 4th quarter were produced Apple). Samsung ranks second in the global rankings according to Canalys, followed by three Chinese manufacturers: Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo (Huawei dropped out of the top 5 altogether).

The overall global sales results for 2020 remained in the usual picture, with Samsung in first place, Apple in second, followed by Huawei, then Xiaomi and OPPO.

Sources: Michael Feng, Canalys