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Xiaomi continues to develop the Roborock series — a line of robotic vacuum cleaners for the home. Its new representative is the Roborock S4 model with a new design — a translucent lid. The device has become more maneuverable, it is better to pass tight places in the house. The model has several suction modes, an excellent filtration system, a large capacity battery and a new smartphone application. I will tell you in detail about the features and characteristics of this gadget in my review.



Xiaomi did their best: with a translucent cover, it looks very interesting. The plastic glossy body is made in black. The case is very easily soiled, there are always traces of touches on it. On the top panel there is one large button, divided into two parts. The first is responsible for turning on / off the robot vacuum cleaner, and the second is for sending it to the docking station. A cursory examination immediately catches the eye of the place where the high-precision LDS sensor (lidar) is located, which reads the location and shape of objects, and then builds the most convenient cleaning route. Around the perimeter of the device are 12 different types of sensors that prevent collisions and falls from a height. The main brush of the robot vacuum cleaner received compacted bristles and a collapsible design with removable tips — this is how the manufacturer simplified cleaning the brush from hair and wool. There is one side rubber brush.


Xiaomi Roborock S4/T4

The vacuum cleaner is packed very carefully, in 2 boxes. The first is protective cardboard, and the second is branded, which shows its characteristics and functions. Inside the box, except for the vacuum cleaner itself:

  1. Dock station.
  2. Spare filter.
  3. Robot cleaning brush.
  4. Charging cable.
  5. Instruction manual in 5 languages.

The scope of delivery is small. For many Xiaomi models and other manufacturers, it is more diverse.


Xiaomi Roborock S4/T4

The Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is best suited for use in non-carpeted areas. The device does an excellent job of cleaning smooth floors or carpets with a small nap. The suction power is 2000 Pa. The following operating modes are provided for regulating the suction power:

  • quiet (50 dB, 1200 Pa);
  • balanced (55 dB, 1400 Pa);
  • turbo (60 dB, 1800 Pa);
  • max (65 dB, 2000 Pa).

You can control and select modes through the proprietary Roborock app for Android and iOS. It came to replace Mi Home, which showed itself not from the best side. The new application has become more convenient, updates are regularly released for it: new features appear, bugs are fixed. You can track the work of the device online, make map settings, divide the room into separate zones. This model provides storage for up to three cards. The transparent waste container has a volume of 420 ml. Dust collector — with a HEPA filter class E11. It even catches mold, dandruff, allergens. The filter is easy to clean and wash under tap water, a second spare is included in the scope of delivery. T4 comes with a large 5200 mAh battery. This charge is enough for the vacuum cleaner for 150-180 minutes of work without interruption, a full charge of the battery will require 300 minutes. The device can clean a large area — 250m2. The vacuum cleaner is able to overcome obstacles with a height of 15 mm. Has protection against falls, collisions.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • beautiful modern design;
  • high autonomy;
  • navigation system, storing up to 3 maps;
  • various suction modes;
  • new convenient mobile application for managing the device;
  • included is a spare HEPA filter E11;
  • collapsible design of the turbo brush;
  • large cleaning area — 250m2.


  • high price;
  • no wet cleaning — only dry;
  • one side brush;
  • one built-in filter;
  • the new app is good, but it needs to be improved.


The robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock S4 (T4) is very interesting, I especially liked the design. The price is 22 thousand rubles: I consider it too high. Such a delivery set is clearly not enough: for example, in the iLife V50 Pro model for 11 thousand rubles, it is much larger. Xiaomi always cares about ease of use, so the development of a new mobile application is a big plus, although it is still “raw”, minor flaws need to be corrected, but it works quite successfully.

I was pleased with the reliability of the navigation system — this is a rarity among the available models on the market. It is possible to save up to three cards, which can be managed through the Roborock application. I will also highlight high autonomy, a large cleaning area, a new central brush and a HEPA filter. For myself, in this robot vacuum cleaner, I found more pluses than minuses.