The Chinese company Xiaomi demonstrated a very interesting novelty — a unique concept smartphone, which received a non-standard display covering the sides of the case.

The device is called the Quad Curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone. It is equipped with a waterfall screen that bends not only on the side faces, but also on the top and bottom sides.

Thus, the display occupies 100% of the front surface area, as well as a significant part of the side faces and ends. The side sections can display any notifications, app icons, useful information, etc.

The concept of the device is completely devoid of connectors. This means that charging can only be done using a wireless connection. The same applies to data exchange with other devices, in particular, headphones.

It is noted that the edges of the device have a rounded angle of 88 degrees. When creating the device, solutions protected by 46 patents were used. There is a large camera at the back, but its specifications are not disclosed.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether Xiaomi is going to release a commercial version of the gadget. There is a possibility that the new product will remain in the status of conceptual development.