Xiaomi showed off a new concept smartphone with a screen that has 88° curves on all four sides. The manufacturer notes that this form allows visual interfaces to move on the surface of the device, like water.

Since the screen covers all ends, the smartphone has neither ports nor the usual mechanical buttons — the body is one-piece, almost monolithic. You can charge such a device wirelessly and transfer data exclusively over the air.

Microphones and speakers are made of ultra-thin piezoceramic, the industry’s first acoustic technology with a flexible film display. Also mentioned are under-screen cameras, eSIM, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and more.

Xiaomi notes that this concept is the result of the implementation of 46 patented technologies. In the manufacture of the screen, unique equipment for glass processing at high pressure and a temperature of 800 ° C is used. More than ten sophisticated polishing and laminating procedures are applied. And to attach such glass to a flexible display, a revolutionary 3D bonding process is used.

This concept will not be a mass-market smartphone, but some of the technologies shown could be used in future devices from the manufacturer.