Xiaomi Smartmi A1



33 800 rubles

Briefly about the product

  • Battery capacity — 5200 mAh.
  • Working time — 120 min.
  • Suction force — 4000 Pa.
  • Navigation — lidar.
  • Clean water tank — 600 ml.
  • Dirty water tank — 360 ml.

All characteristics

  • Net weight — 6.5 kg.
  • Product size — 335 × 344 × 128 mm.
  • The rated power of the robot is 75 W.
  • Dimensions — 338x344x128 mm.
  • Price — 36 thousand rubles.


Xiaomi Smartmi A1 is a robotic polisher with a design similar to a washing vacuum cleaner. It wets the roller, cleans the floor and collects the dirty liquid in the built-in container. Of the robots, only the iLife W-series, such as the iLife W450, can boast of similar technology, but they have a budget assembly and simple navigation. BUT there are simply no such robots in the premium segment, so Smartmi A1 will be the first. Next, we will study in detail the design of Smartmi A1, evaluate its functionality and see how this robot copes with different types of cleaning.


  • Let’s go through the set

  • We figured out the configuration, now let’s move on to the design

  • Navigation

  • Application

  • Dry cleaning

  • Wet cleaning

  • Advantages and disadvantages

  • Summing up

Let’s go through the set

In addition to the robot itself, the package includes:

  • dock station;
  • adapter with Chinese plug and adapter;
  • detergent;
  • filtration system for dry cleaning;
  • spare filters;
  • instruction in Chinese;
  • A panda sticker that kids will love.

By the standards of Xiaomi, the equipment is rich. But there is no spare roller, and this is a clear minus.

We figured out the configuration, now let’s move on to the design

The design of the robot is unusual: the body is in the form of a hexagon, a lidar rises at the stern, a rectangular block of transparent plastic is built into the soft-touch bumper. The IR sensors are hidden behind a tinted window. On the side there is an additional window for the TOF sensor.

Terminals and outlets are moved to the rear, and there is a 2 in 1 container under the hood. Clean water must be poured into the compartment under the plug, and dirty liquid accumulates in the compartment under the lid along with the collected debris. Two filters are built into the lid — mesh and foam rubber. But only for dry cleaning, you need to use a different cover — with a mesh and a HEPA filter.. Not the most convenient solution.

Under the bottom are the drive wheels, two swivel rollers and one support. A roller with rows of hard and soft bristles is installed in the socket. It is similar to the rollers from upright vacuum cleaners, only thinner and more shaggy. You can remove it to clean it using the side lock on the bell. Another bad decision, because because of it the symmetry of the bottom had to be broken: the bell was shifted to the right, the right fall sensor was shifted back, the left one was forward. As a result, one of the rollers goes beyond the bell line and will quickly become clogged with hair.

But the main disadvantage of the innovative design of Smartmi A1 is the case height of 128 mm.. This is almost 3 cm above the standard, there will be problems with passages under the bed.

But the robot at least calls into the station itself and does not need to be carried around all the time, like the iLife W400. By the way, the base has a self-cleaning function. It is implemented in the same way as for washing vacuum cleaners: when parking, the roller falls into the recesswhere the robot washes it and then sucks in the dirty water.

As for a robot with lidar, navigation is standard: Smartmi A1 passes the room along the walls and in zigzags, sweeps around the legs of furniture, carefully bypasses obstacles with a height of 12 cm or more. But there is also its own specificity: due to the low clearance, the robot does not pass thresholds well (maximum — 15 mm) and gets stuck on the dryer. She is afraid of black carpets, but maybe this is not bad if you do not plan to use Smartmi A1 for dry cleaning. But because of the angular bumper, maneuverability suffers. This is especially noticeable under the table in the living room.


The proprietary app offers the following features:

  • multicard mode;
  • power adjustment;
  • wetting adjustment;
  • target zones;
  • restricted areas;
  • virtual walls;
  • areas without a mop;
  • room editor;
  • schedule by days of the week with a choice of the necessary zones;
  • Yandex-Alice;
  • voice package selection (the robot only speaks Chinese);
  • polisher mode (Y-shaped);
  • DND mode;
  • manual control;
  • assessing the wear of accessories;
  • cleaning history.

Standard functionality for robots with lidar. The application sometimes slows down due to the connection through the Chinese region. The translation is incomplete, sometimes there are hieroglyphs.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a secondary function of Smartmi A1. Due to its high suction power, the robot normally cleans smooth surfaces in the center of the room, but leaves debris along the walls. Roller irons smooth carpets to no avail, gets stuck on medium carpets (rollers get stuck in the carpet pile). Therefore, it is recommended to use the robot exclusively for wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning

In the process of wet cleaning, Smartmi A1 supplies water to the socket, rubs the floor with a roller and draws in dirty liquid. Such a system helps to effectively deal with coffee stains (2 passes), wipe dried juice (many passes, depending on the consistency), collect dirt and clods of earth (3-4 passes). The quality of wet cleaning corresponds to the level of the polisherbut 10-centimeter sections along the walls remain unwashed, because the roller does not reach there.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • good equipment;
  • wide working block;
  • roller self-cleaning;
  • station with a compartment for accessories;
  • accurate map;
  • polisher mode;
  • cleans exposed areas.
  • rollers get stuck on carpets;
  • no end brush;
  • does not comb out carpets;
  • high body;
  • afraid of black carpets;
  • gets stuck in the dryer;
  • carpets need to be circled with restricted areas;
  • speaks Chinese;
  • does not clean well along the walls.

Summing up

Smartmi A1 — a rare representative of floor polishers with a roller. The robot is qualitatively assembled and adapted to work in large houses. It builds an accurate map using lidar, and the app allows you to fine-tune the cleaning parameters. Dry cleaning at Smartmi A1 is rather a marketing ploy, but the robot does a good job with wet cleaning, although it does not clean the areas along the walls. Smartmi A1 is best suited for apartments up to 100 sq. m with smooth surfaces and without fluffy inhabitants.