Xiaomi has introduced MIUI 12.5 branded shell for the international market. As it turned out, the international version of MIUI 12.5 differs from the Chinese version for the worse.

While MIUI 12.5 is being tested in China. Xiaomi is planning to launch stable firmware for Chinese users in April. MIUI 12.5 Global is currently in the process of recruiting volunteers to participate in the testing program.

The Chinese version of MIUI is traditionally different from the international version. Much to the surprise of enthusiasts and developers, in MIUI 12.5 the difference was not limited to the presence or absence of Google services, as well as other regional features in the application suite.

Among the main advantages of MIUI 12.5 for international users, the manufacturer notes high optimization — the processor load in the shell has decreased by 22%, and power consumption by 15%.

However, during the presentation of MIUI 12.5 in China in December, Xiaomi said that memory consumption was reduced by 20%, in the background by 35%, and also promised to reduce power consumption by 25%.

Among the available benefits of the international version are new optimized «superbugs», useful tools in «Notes», as well as the ability to remove or hide some system applications.

Among the «lost» features when leaving China are the extremely interesting MIUI+ mode for PC interaction, a choice of natural system sounds, an animation framework, a new haptic feedback system, as well as some privacy improvements.