Xiaomi offers a wide range of smart home devices, while smart electronic thermometers are quite popular. The Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer Set of Four is currently on sale on Gearbest for less than $15, while the regular price is $33. This offer is valid until February 21.

This smart thermometer is also a hygrometer, in addition, it allows the exchange of information through an application with a smartphone. The Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth thermometer is equipped with a high-precision Swiss-made sensor that allows you to easily detect even a slight change in temperature. It provides temperature measurement accuracy up to 0.1 °C, and relative humidity is determined with an accuracy of 0.1%.

Users can add the device to the Smart Home system and create different usage scenarios for it, for example, turn on a humidifier or air conditioner when certain temperature and humidity levels are reached.