Robot vacuum cleaners have ceased to be something incredible and strange, as they are increasingly common at home and become commonplace. But choosing the right model is still problematic, especially if you are not completely familiar with the topic. In this case, you should just rely on us — we have selected the five best models on the market.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1s

I would like to start with a rather interesting product, which is sold on the market relatively recently and during this time was able to easily win an audience of loyal fans. We are talking about the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1s vacuum cleaner, which has all the necessary functions and parameters that only a potential buyer needs. Of course, I would like to start with the dust collector — with such compact dimensions, the device has a volume of 0.42 liters, which is quite enough to clean even a fairly large room. It is also worth noting that the gadget is equipped with a fairly advanced battery, which is enough for 150 minutes of active work. This is also a big plus, as you need to understand that this model easily cleans even 100 square meters of space. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner has a fairly advanced application in which you can select areas for cleaning, and then send the robot to clean only a certain room, and not the entire apartment, for example, which is also convenient in certain situations. In general, the product simply has no competitors with such a set of advantages and a fairly low cost — the gadget can be found for 20 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for this segment.

Okami U80 Pet

A rather interesting solution is also this vacuum cleaner, which has an even larger volume of the built-in container. Theoretically, this allows you to clean it less often from dust and dirt, but in fact, experts say that it is better to do it systematically, since in this case the product works better, is less clogged with dust and weighs less, which positively affects the duration of work. In this regard, the Okami U80 pet is really very good, but you should not wait until the container is full to the brim. Moreover, there is also a decent battery with a working time of 120 minutes. This is enough so that the user can enjoy the work of the gadget and not think about starting cleaning twice. This happens, for example, if, when purchasing the product, the User did not pay attention to how long the vacuum cleaner can work and how much area it can clean. And if the power of the robot vacuum cleaner is not enough for the area of ​​the apartment, for example, then you will have to start cleaning twice. But with this model, such problems will not arise, since the manufacturer makes a fairly high-quality product and understands which elements should be emphasized. It is for this reason that the Okami U80 Pet is in such demand, and the application for the smartphone model is also convenient.

Weissgauff Robowash

And if we are talking about applications, then it is worth highlighting the product Weissgauff Robowash, which has simply the best software on the market of robot vacuum cleaners. Or at least one of the best. The manufacturer has clearly put a lot of effort into making the device convenient to control using a smartphone or the included remote control. Although, of course, it is much more comfortable and convenient from a smartphone, especially if you roughly understand what functions such a product has. For example, the user can set a cleaning delay — set the date and time, then go to work, and upon arrival find that the robot has cleaned the entire apartment and returned to charging. You can also control the cleaning modes or choose the area that the device will clean. Let’s say you were cooking and a lot of crumbs fell on the kitchen floor. But you don’t need to clean the entire apartment — just select a room in the application that is pre-registered and saved by the device, after which the gadget will automatically start cleaning and do everything in the kitchen, after which it will go to the charging station. In this regard, a robot vacuum cleaner is really convenient if you have a good smartphone software, and the Weissgauff Robowash does it just fine. And the price of the product is actually quite acceptable.


This vacuum cleaner has been on the market for a long time, so we can say that it does an excellent job of cleaning and does not require any additional actions from the user during cleaning. Here, the design includes an ordinary electric brush that cleans the surface of various debris, side brushes and filters for fine cleaning are included in the set. At the same time, you can carry out both dry and wet cleaning, which is actually quite useful, since sometimes simply vacuuming the floor is not enough — wet cleaning is important for hygiene, and the vacuum cleaner can carry it out without your participation. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fairly decent garbage container — 0.6 liters. At the same time, the battery allows you to work with the gadget for a long time, as the battery charge is enough for two hours. This is quite enough for cleaning a large room, and if you remove chairs or other obstacles that prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting in beforehand, then it will have time to complete the task in half the allotted time. Of course, control from a smartphone via the Mobile application is also available — the user can easily configure cleaning scenarios, set days and times, select zones, and so on. In this regard, there is nothing incredible, just everything you need.

Roborock S6 / T6

On the other hand, there are manufacturers that focus on battery life. This is useful if you have a large apartment or house, or if there are many obstacles in the room that make it difficult for the robot to move and require additional time to get around them. For such situations, the Roborock S6 / T6 model is highly recommended, which has a battery life of 150 minutes, which is simply insane by market standards. This is enough to clean almost any living space, plus even a large number of obstacles will not prevent quality cleaning. Moreover, there are all the same advantages as in other competing products. For example, the manufacturer uses a fairly high-quality application that allows you to control all product functions from a smartphone. This is actually quite an important point, because sometimes even for expensive products, the application leaves much to be desired. It’s also worth noting that the Roborock S6 / T6 has both dry and wet cleaning functions — it handles dust well and can perform wet cleaning, saving you from the need to wash floors. True, the volume of the container here is only 0.16 liters — this is enough for several sweeps, but it will have to be cleaned more often than the models described above.