Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun posted a message on the Weibo social network, from which it follows that the company intends to release an expensive flagship smartphone.

Mr. Jun asked netizens if they wanted to buy a $1,500 Xiaomi smartphone and what they thought it should be.

In response, survey participants said that at such a cost, a smartphone should be of very high quality. In addition, wishes were expressed for sufficient production volumes so that there would be no shortage.

The head of Xiaomi did not go into details about the new product, but observers agree that the company plans to introduce a powerful next-generation Mi MIX smartphone.

Rumor has it that the device can get a flexible display and a case book. Thus, the device will be the first Xiaomi smartphone with a flexible design.

Probably, the presentation of the new generation Mi MIX will take place no earlier than the second quarter of this year.