In 2019, Xiaomi managed to surprise the whole world by presenting the Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone with a surround screen. Unfortunately, due to the high price, the smartphone never went on sale, but the company did not stop developing in this direction.

Original Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

At the end of last year, renderings of a new version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, created on the basis of patent images, appeared. Its main difference was an expandable camera system, so that the screen could become continuous. In fact, it surrounds the entire smartphone, except for the upper and lower parts.

Now there is information about a new patent published by the World Intellectual Property Office. This patent was registered later, it describes a similar device, but the retractable camera is replaced by a so-called bang — a rather wide cutout on one panel of the smartphone, which houses three image sensors and an LED flash. There are USB-C and 3.5 mm connectors on the bottom of the smartphone.

The Letgodigital resource has placed two patented models on a general image for convenience, which clearly demonstrates their differences.

The fact of patent registration indicates that Xiaomi continues to study the release of such a smartphone, but when exactly this will happen is unknown.