Today, Xiaomi introduced another revolutionary smartphone, the likes of which you have not seen before. It features a waterfall screen that is heavily curved on all four sides.

Earlier, the general director of Xiaomi Lei Jun (Lei Jun) announced on his page in the social network Weibo that the presentation of the new device will take place today. The teaser hinted that it was a flexible smartphone, but only confirmed the assumption that it would use a waterfall screen.

Xiaomi reports that the device uses a revolutionary screen that is curved at an angle of 88° on all sides. In fact, all the frames have been replaced by the screen (only parts of the case at the corners are visible), in addition, the smartphone has no buttons and holes. When creating this smartphone, the company registered 46 patents around the world.

The smartphone uses the industry’s first waterfall screen with four curves, but the real problem lies in the production of the glass in this shape. Xiaomi has created its own equipment for processing glass at a temperature of 800 °C and high pressure.

The smartphone has an under-screen front camera, sound is transmitted using screen vibration, support for high-speed fast charging and other innovative technologies has also been announced.

For now, that’s all the details about the new product.