The story with the publication by the US Department of Defense on January 14, 2021 of a press release in which the Chinese company Xiaomi is accused of ties to the military continues. After publishing a statement that she » is not owned by or affiliated with the Chinese Armed Forces «, Xiaomi announced the initiation of a case in the Federal District Court of the United States of America against the Department of Defense and the Department of the Treasury of the United States of America.

The company believes that the decision to classify the company as a & quot;Communist Chinese Military Company & quot; under the NDAA, passed by the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury Department, is factually incorrect and interferes with the company’s legitimate business. The company appealed to the judicial authorities with a statement about the illegality of the adopted decision and a demand for its cancellation in order to protect the interests of users, partners, employees and shareholders around the world.

Xiaomi said it will continue to inform shareholders and potential investors of developments related to the lawsuit through new statements if necessary.