Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun addressed fans on his Weibo page yesterday, hinting that the manufacturer is about to release a very expensive smartphone.

He also asked fans for their opinion on the matter:

If Xiaomi released a high-end $1,500 mobile phone, would you buy it? If you want to release a smartphone for more than $1,500, what should it look like? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

Xiaomi usually conducts such surveys not at the stage of preparation for the design, but immediately before the announcement of the finished product. So we can safely assume that such an expensive smartphone is already ready for presentation. According to numerous leaks, Xiaomi should introduce its first smartphone with a flexible screen, while such a price will be in line with the price of competitors’ solutions.

Introduced in 2019, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone, which never went on sale, was supposed to cost twice as much.