Xiaomi conducted a survey among former owners of the Xiaomi Mi 6 to find out which of the modern smartphones the majority of users of this device preferred when upgrading. This smartphone turned out to be the Xiaomi Mi 10.

In August of last year, Lei Jun asked users via the social network Weibo about the best thing Xiaomi has created in its 10 years of existence. Many users said that the Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone was one of the company’s best products.

Xiaomi Mi 6

The Xiaomi Mi 6 was launched in 2017 and has attracted a huge number of fans due to its balance, features, size and price. The Xiaomi Mi 8 and Xiaomi Mi 9 that followed in the next two years were also popular, but not as much. Finally, Xiaomi Mi 10, released last year, led to a mass migration of Xiaomi Mi 6 owners to new smartphones. Using Apple’s terminology, the Xiaomi Mi 10 launched a so-called «supercycle». We are talking about a situation when a record number of owners of Xiaomi smartphones and other devices were ready to switch to a new flagship.

On January 23, Xiaomi officially announced that in just 21 days, Xiaomi Mi 11 sales exceeded 1 million. At the same time, the flagship of the previous generation Xiaomi Mi 10 has become cheaper, and Xiaomi said that it plans to sell this model for another year.