The Xiaomi 11T Pro is the manufacturer’s flagship offering and fans love it thanks to its excellent display, high performance and powerful 120W charging. Teardown source PBKreviews offers us a peek inside the phone in its latest video.

With the rear glass plate removed, you can see a lot of screws that need to be removed before we get to the motherboard and cameras. The plastic cover over the cameras contains the NFC module, antenna lines, and a large strip of graphite film that sits above the battery. 11T Pro has a dual battery design, each module has its own connection cable. The motherboard features a rather sophisticated cooling system with graphene film, thermal paste, and copper tape to help keep the Snapdragon 888 under control. The bottom of the battery compartment features an even larger graphite film and vapor chamber, which is understandable considering the device’s 120W fast charging capabilities.

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