Earlier this year, Xiaomi launched its first flexible smartphone, the Xiaomi Mix Fold, which is similar in form factor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The company is now reportedly working on a new device in the Xiaomi Mix Fold line that will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

According to AndroidAuthority, Xiaomi’s next foldable smartphone will be an upgraded Xiaomi Mix Fold and not a full-fledged successor with the number 2 in the name. According to the source, the improved smartphone will receive external and internal screens with a high refresh rate, as well as support for 120W fast charging and a 5000mAh battery.

*Xiaomi Mix Fold*

The updated Xiaomi Mix Fold has also been reported to feature an under-screen camera that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has, although the corresponding spot is very visible. In comparison, the original Xiaomi Mix Fold only provides a high refresh rate for the external screen, 67W charging, and no selfie camera on the foldable screen.

The brand’s new foldable phone should go on sale sometime in the fourth quarter of 2021.