According to the source, Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro, which recently debuted in Europe, will soon receive a Chinese residence permit, but they will already be called Redmi K40S and Redmi K40S Pro. However, the Redmi K40S series will not have two, but three models. It is possible that the renamed 11T Lite 5G NE will be the third.

Here’s what the Xiaomi 11T Pro looks like, and here’s what the Redmi K40S Pro could look like

At the same time, Redmi K40S will be somewhat different from 11T. For example, it is reported that the base model of the series will be built on the Snapdragon 870 platform (11T — MediaTek with a dimension of 1200) and will receive a 64-megapixel camera (11T — 108-megapixel). It is possible that there may be other differences, such as battery capacity and charging speed.

The premiere of Redmi K40S may take place as early as the end of October, and real sales will begin as part of the annual large-scale sale starting on November 11th.