Xiaomi, in addition to the Civi smartphone and the TWS True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones 3 Pro, will also introduce new smartwatches at the presentation on September 27th.

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What is known

We are talking about Xiaomi Watch Color 2, which will be the successor to the original model. The watch will receive a slightly modified appearance, two body colors, 6 straps of different colors, as well as support for more than 200 dials.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet revealed the technical specifications of the device, but it can be assumed that the Color 2 watch will have an AMOLED screen, many sports modes, a sleep tracking function, as well as a heart rate sensor. The new product will most likely run on the RTOS operating system.

They will ask for about $100 for the watch.

Source: Xiaomi

Do you know that

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