Xiaomi has introduced a new electronic thermometer that can also work as a hygrometer. The Xiaomi electronic thermometer and hygrometer are equipped with a 35 x 35 mm e-ink display. Information is clearly visible from different angles

The high-precision Swiss digital sensor Sensirion is built into the device. Slight changes in temperature and humidity, even caused by breathing, are easily detected by the sensor, which then reminds the wearer to adjust the temperature and humidity in time to improve indoor comfort.

Xiaomi electronic thermometer and hygrometer are powered by a CR2450 power supply, which lasts for 2 years in standby mode. In addition, magnets are built into the electronic device, and there is a bracket and a sticker on the back cover, which can be used to attach the product to various surfaces.

The device also has the ability to store temperature and humidity data, which can be uploaded to the cloud via the Mijia app. The data is displayed in the application in the form of a curve that helps to understand changes in temperature and humidity.

The device can work with other smart home gadgets, including air conditioners, humidifiers and electric heaters, giving them the information they need to work.

The device will go on sale September 22 for $8.