Xiaomi has scheduled another announcement for September 27th — it will take place in China and will focus on a specific Civi smartphone. A banner with a box of the device is placed in the company’s branded online store, the inscription next to it promises a «natural and beautiful conference.» That is, in Civi, the emphasis will be on appearance. But what is this model?

The ratio of the first letters of the designation suggests that Civi is hiding the new CC11, which the company was supposed to present in late September and early October. However, if it was previously believed that CC11 (aka Mi Note 11 in the global market) will become an independent model, now it is said that Civi or CC11 is a renamed Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G. And if you look at the specifications of the CC11 published at the end of August and compare them with the specifications of the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G, it turns out that these models are indeed very similar, if not more so. It turns out that Civi (or CC11) is already well known to us, and it does not pull on a budget phone with a camera — the camera does not even have an optical stabilization system. So we’ll have to wait for the CC11 Pro — it will probably restore the lineup and be a worthy successor to the Mi Note 10 Pro.