At the end of last week, reports appeared on the network that Xiaomi began to block «gray» smartphones. Now it looks like the problem is solved.

What happened?

Devices began to be blocked only in certain markets where the equipment of the Chinese manufacturer is not officially sold. These are Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Crimea. Although it is not possible to buy Xiaomi gadgets here, many people buy them from other countries and bring them in for use in prohibited countries. But when trying to activate, users started getting the following message: «It is Xiaomi’s policy not to sell the product in the territory where you tried to activate it. For more information, please contact the seller directly.»

Now what?

Now, a Xiaomi spokesperson has stated that all locked smartphones should be unlocked. Thus, the company fought against smugglers who bring its phones to prohibited markets and resell them. Apparently, the manufacturer has no complaints about those who brought the gadget for their own use.

«The investigation has made significant progress and the affected devices can now be unlocked,» a Xiaomi spokesperson confirmed.

Source: Android Authority

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