Like Ray-Ban and Facebook, but with a display.

Xiaomi showcased its vision of modern smart glasses — the concept of smart glasses. So far, this is just an idea, but the manufacturer has described in some detail the capabilities and equipment of the device.

Image: Xiaomi

When connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the smart glasses will be able to display notifications, messages and navigation data for orientation on a miniature mini-screen in one of the lenses. The built-in speakers and microphone let you take incoming calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Image: Xiaomi

The 5 megapixel camera lets you quickly take photos and send them to your mobile device. Also, using the camera in real time, it will be possible to translate the text in front of the user. All these functions are provided by the built-in quad-core ARM chipset with Wi-Fi support.

Image: Xiaomi

The glasses are controlled using touch panels on the armrests. Smart glasses also involve interaction with the XiaoAI virtual assistant for voice interaction, but this feature is only relevant for China.

So far, such a concept only demonstrates the vision of the future of Xiaomi. It is too early to talk about the appearance of such a device on store shelves.

Just the other day, a similar device, although without a display, was released by Facebook and Ray-Ban.