Xiaomi TVs are very popular all over the world, and in China they are the best-selling ones in recent years. Xiaomi Mi TV and Redmi TV in China run MIUI for Android TV, while versions for global markets run on Android TV.

The big difference between Chinese and global versions of TVs is that Xiaomi does not show ads in global markets. On the other hand, in China, MIUI for TV company TVs show a lot of ads from the very moment they are turned on. Apart from loading ads, MIUI for TV also shows other types of ads such as banners and pop-ups. This causes discomfort when navigating the user interface.

Recently, during a conversation with the developers of Xiaomi TVs, users were asked to remove ads from their TVs. To which Xiaomi executives simply replied that they are working hard to balance ads and user experience as much as possible.

Xiaomi’s statement clearly states that the company has no plans to remove ads from its TVs in China. It remains to be hoped that the company will not transfer advertising to TVs intended for global markets.

Recently, Xiaomi stated: «MIUI is better than other interfaces.» Some have called this Xiaomi post a bad joke, others have started listing the problems they have experienced or are currently experiencing while using MIUI.