Xiaomi promises that its 120-watt HyperCharge charging technology, which will be supported by the upcoming Xiaomi 11T Pro smartphone, will not eat up battery life.

This is something we have tested very carefully. As a rule of thumb, at the charge level of the batteries we tested it with, after 800 charge cycles you will still have 80 percent of the battery’s usable capacity. That 20 percent might sound like «Wow, I’m losing 20 percent,» but that’s pretty standard across almost all charging technologies. 800 cycles is about two years for most people. So it’s pretty solid.

That is, Xiaomi claims that the battery will lose capacity in much the same way as in the case of phones with less powerful charges. It is worth clarifying here that the company has been offering 120-watt memory for some time, but not in mainstream models. So the upcoming Xiaomi 11T Pro in this matter is important both for the company and for the market.

In terms of security, the company also said that it has carried out a large number of tests. The battery of the future smartphone and the device itself have 34 protection functions.

Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro smartphones will be presented on September 15th.