A Chinese source from Krypton, citing well-informed whistleblowers, has published information that Xiaomi has been in talks with a car parts company in recent months about cooperation. Xiaomi’s rough plan has also been released.

The source claims that Xiaomi has big ambitions: the company plans to release a new electric car model every year. Within the first three years after the launch of the first electric car, the company plans to sell 900,000 vehicles.

According to 36 krypton, Lei Jun once said that Xiaomi Auto plans to «produce 100,000 cars a year for the first three years.» On March 30 this year, Xiaomi Group announced that the smart electric vehicle business has been approved by the board of directors. Xiaomi is investing billions of dollars in this direction.

In order to accelerate the development of car manufacturing, Xiaomi Auto also buys other companies. Xiaomi has spent nearly $80 million to acquire Deepmotion, an autonomous driving technology team. After that, the team of researchers and developers in the field of autonomous driving increased to 150 people.

Xiaomi also invests in AVIC Lithium battery company, ZongMu Technology parking technology company, Hesai Technology and other companies.

In response to the information posted by 36 krypton, Xiaomi Group stated that it was going to comment on it.