Xiaomi continues to improve its proprietary MIUI shell. So, two small updates have been released this year — MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition, and now the manufacturer has introduced a new feature, MIUI Pure Mode.

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How it works?

Xiaomi says that due to the open nature of Android, users can easily fall victim to an attack with malicious apps. 40% of apps installed by MIUI users have never passed its security audit, and 10% are found to be potentially dangerous.

MIUI Pure mode is designed to protect the gadget and its owner from malicious applications. If this setting is enabled, users cannot install applications from external sources. In addition, it blocks any installation that happens in the background without users’ consent.

This is exactly how Apple works, but unlike it, Xiaomi allows you to turn off MIUI Clean Mode and install applications from other sources.

Now MIUI Pure Mode is being tested in China. It is not yet known when its full release will take place and whether the feature will be available on the international market.

Source: Gizmochina

Do you know that

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