Dragon Capital bought Truskavetskaya water producer

The Borjomi international group has sold the Aqua-Eco company, which produces Truskavetskaya brand water, to Dragon Capital investment company.

Dragon Capital founder Tomas Fiala says that Ukrainians are drinking more and more water, which is why his company decided to work in this business. The company also announced that they would increase the production and supply of Truskavetskaya.

What is known about Dragon Capital

Dragon Capital is one of the largest groups of companies in Ukraine, which operates in the field of private equity and financial services. The company provides a full range of investment banking and brokerage services for corporate and private clients.

Ukrainian startup AllRight bought EnglishDom

AllRight, an online English language school for children, has bought EnglishDom, an adult education company. MC editors. Today they said that the deal will allow them to expand the audience of students, as well as enter the European market.

The companies will operate under the same holding company, but there will be no changes in the composition of the board. Under the terms of the deal, management will not be changed.

“After the merger, we plan to increase the number of clients for both services and help the English company enter European markets and grow faster,” says Oleg Oksiuk, founder of the startup AllRight.

What is known about AllRight

AllRight is an online learning platform where children aged four to 12 learn English with live teachers and AI-powered virtual tutors. The service was founded in 2017. 25 thousand students study annually.

What is known about the British

EnglishDom is the largest online English language school for adults in Ukraine. The company has several educational products: online courses, an online simulator, mobile applications, online conversation clubs. We founded EnglishDom in 2010, and every year 15,000 students study at the company.

Photo: English House

Ciklum buys outsourcing company CN Group from Genesis Capital

IT company Ciklum has bought a 100% stake in Czech software developer CN Group from Genesis Capital. The parties do not disclose the amount of the transaction. The company says that CN Group will help Ciklum operate in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

«We are extremely proud of what CN Group has achieved with our investment and look forward to continuing their success,» said Martin Willisch, partner at Genesis Capital who was responsible for the project.

What is Cyclum

Ciklum develops software that is used by Fortune 500 companies. The company employs 3,500 developers, designers, product managers and data scientists worldwide.

What is known about Genesis Capital

Genesis Capital is a private equity fund that develops small and medium businesses in Central Europe. Over 22 years, Genesis Capital has invested 300 million euros in 60 companies.

What is CN Group

CN Group operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. The company’s engineers develop software. The company also offers IT consulting and quality assurance/testing services to its clients.

DiDi sells its stake in European Bolt for $500 million

Chinese taxi service DiDi has sold its stake in European Bolt, AIN writes citing The Telegraph. It is not known why the company refused Bolt’s share, but the publication notes two reasons.

Maybe Didi is going to work in Europe and compete with Bolt. DiDi has already received licenses in several cities in the UK, but suspended all processes for at least a year due to pressure from Chinese regulators.
In early July, DeeDee went public on the New York Stock Exchange. The placement of shares was successful, but the authorities in Beijing are trying to ban Chinese companies from listing shares on US exchanges.

The Telegraph notes that the hundreds of millions of dollars of investment recently raised by Bolt could have simply been used to buy back shares from DiDi, but this information has not been confirmed. Bolt’s Estonian office only stated that as the company grows, it wants to become independent.

Workplace of the Transport Company providing Car Sharing Services at the Headquarters of the High-Rise Office.

Xiaomi will compete with Tesla. The company bought a startup Deepmotion and will produce electric vehicles

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has bought Deepmotion, a startup that specializes in autonomous driving. The company said that they will go beyond smartphones. The purchase of the startup cost $77.3 million.

Xiaomi will now compete with companies like Baidu and even Huawei, as well as automakers including Tesla, Xpeng and Nio.

The company also revealed that it has registered a new company, Xiaomi EV, Inc., which will manufacture electric vehicles. The company has invested 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) and plans to invest $10 billion in car production over ten years. Xiaomi said they conducted 2,000 interviews and only selected 300 people to design the cars.

Apple buys Primephone classical music streaming service

Apple bought Primephone classical music streaming service. The company is integrating the service’s features into Apple Music. The audio library will appear under Apple Music Classic. Apple will also release a separate classical music app.
Now Primephonic is no longer signing up new users and everyone using the app with a subscription will get six months of free Apple Music.

«All Apple Music users will receive the world’s best classical music library,» the company said in a statement.