A report by market researchers states that Xiaomi overtook Apple in the smartwatch market in the second quarter, albeit by a small margin. As a result, Xiaomi was in first place, Apple in second, followed by Huawei and Fitbit, and Samsung rounded out the top five.

  1. How much have you sold?
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How much have you sold?

According to the report, Xiaomi shipped 8 million wearable devices in the second quarter against Apple’s 7.9 million. Time clearly plays a role here: Canalys noted that Xiaomi launched the new model during the quarter, and Apple Watch fans expect the Series 7 to be released only later this month.

What did you think?

In addition, Canalys separates so-called «basic devices» such as low-cost Fitbit and Xiaomi models from more sophisticated smartwatches. Apple continues to lead the latter market with a 31.1% market share — no other brand even comes close.

All other players have single-digit shares, starting with second place Huawei — 9% and ending with Xiaomi — 5.7%.

Source: canalis