Xiaomi has officially announced that the newly announced CyberDog robot dog will be available in 100 Mi Home branded stores across China. The manufacturer confirmed that the company intends to deliver the new product to major cities and provincial capitals as soon as possible.

Everyone immediately realized that Xiaomi took the design of the famous Spot robot from Boston Dynamic without much hesitation, but few people thought about the huge difference in price between these robots. The Spot robot developed by Boston Dynamic is offered for $74,500, while the Xiaomi CyberDog costs about 50 times less, or rather $1,540.

Xiaomi CyberDog uses the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX platform, and is also equipped with a 128 GB SSD, a dozen high-precision sensors including GPS, and can move at speeds up to 3.2 m/s. CyberDog allows you to recognize users by their faces, as well as by their figure. CyberDog also supports voice control. To do this, the robot has six microphones.

Xiaomi has stated that this is an open source project and anyone can participate in it. Xiaomi hopes to create a complete hardware development platform to help developers explore more possibilities of bionic robots. While the majority is focused on drones, Xiaomi hopes to become the industry leader, encourage more developers to contribute and quickly contribute to the development of this market segment.