Xiaomi has expanded its line of robotic vacuum cleaners under the MIJIA brand. The new product is called MIJIA Sweeping & Drag Robot 2 Pro.

What is this animal?

The vacuum cleaner boasts a professional-grade water electrolysis device. According to the manufacturer, the novelty can effectively clean the floor by emitting 10,000 sound waves every minute.

MIJIA Sweeping and dragging robot 2 Pro received X-CrossAI obstacle recognition system based on artificial intelligence algorithms. An advanced single-chip system is used to accurately map the room, and the same AI is responsible for choosing the most efficient cleaning route.

The model is equipped with an LDS laser navigation system, a 500 ml water tank and a huge dust box. However, the extent of the latter is not specified. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow you to adjust the water supply and suction power depending on the type of coating. Separately, it is worth noting the system that prevents the entanglement of wires that have fallen under the «hot hand».

How much does it cost?

1 In September 2021, the robot vacuum cleaner will be available for pre-order in China. The manufacturer’s recommended price was 2,399 yen, or $370.

Source: Gizmochina

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