Xiaomi continues to expand its range of home appliances with the introduction of the Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping and Drag Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 Pro. The new product will be available for pre-sale in China starting September 1 for $370.

Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping and Dragging Robot 2 Pro is equipped with a professional water electrolysis device, which can purify tap water. In addition, the robot can clean the floor efficiently by emitting 10,000 sound waves per minute. The company adds that this robot vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for mopping, simulating manual cleaning and re-wiping in two directions.

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot 2 Pro is equipped with X-CrossAI ultra-sensitive multi-dimensional obstacle recognition system. The vacuum cleaner has received a modern single-chip system that makes mapping and intelligent route planning more efficient.

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 2 Pro is equipped with a new LDS laser navigation system, and is equipped with a large dust box and a two-in-one water tank with a capacity of 500ml.

The artificial intelligence system recognizes the type of room and coverage, automatically adjusting the volume of water supply, as well as suction power. In addition, the robot not only avoids collisions, but also has a system that prevents wires left on the floor from tangling.