On August 30 at 2:16 am, several intruders broke into the glass door of one of the Xiaomi branded stores in China, got inside and took out dozens of smartphones and tablets. It took them less than 30 seconds to do everything. The moment of the robbery was captured by a surveillance camera.

The Lianqian Police Station received an alarming report that electronic goods such as mobile phones and tablets had been stolen from a Xiaomi store in Ruijing Market Square in Xiamen District. The criminal investigation team immediately arrived at the scene, the police quickly blocked the object and organized a search for the criminals.

At about 0:30 on August 31, with the support of the Ningde police, all 6 people who committed the crime were taken to the police station. Five of them are only 15 years old, including one girl. The sixth just turned 14 years old.

The Xiamen police returned all of the stolen 25 mobile phones, 2 tablets, 2 laptops and other stolen goods.