Almost every morning there is new news about Xiaomi smartphones. Today we wrote about a photo of Xiaomi 12, but the technical specifications of another model of the flagship family also got on the Web.

  1. What is it this time?
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What is it this time?

The smartphone comes out under the code name Psyche. The model number is L3A. The commercial name has not yet been specified. But it is already known that the model will carry a 7-overclocked Snapdragon 865 mobile processor on board. Probably, we are talking about the Snapdragon 865+ version. Please note that if the regular Snapdragon 865 was used in most 2020 flagships, the Plus variant turned out to be a rather rare chip.

The mysterious smartphone will get the same camera as the Xiaomi 12-core 200MP module with optical image stabilization, ultra-wide angle and Tele Macro. There is no additional information about the device yet.

Do you know that

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