About the 200-megapixel main camera of Xiaomi 12, information has surfaced on the Web more than once, but it has not yet reached the design. And now, a real photo of the upcoming flagship has been published on the World Wide Web.

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What was shown?

The main camera of Xiaomi 12 will include a flash, laser autofocus and optical modules. Earlier, the editors of gg wrote that the camera will include the main and ultra-wide-angle modules, as well as a macro unit. But in the photo that got on the Web, we see four blocks. Perhaps one of them is hiding the 3D ToF sensor. What’s more, there’s a 108MP label on the bottom right corner, which doesn’t really match the rumors of a 200MP sensor.

But the main thing in this shot is the design of the main camera platform itself. It is made in the shape of the letter M. We have not seen anything like it yet. Previously, one could find a connection between the letter M and the Mi brand, but its manufacturer has officially renamed it Xiaomi. By the way, the brand name in the lower left corner of the rear panel is already written in a new way.

In general, there are many questions about this Xiaomi 12 leak. Therefore, this information should be taken with a reasonable amount of skepticism.

Source: Weibo

Do you know that

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