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What gadget

We are talking about a smart toothbrush MiJia Sonic T100. It has a slim body (diameter 19 mm) and weighs only 46 grams. The brush is equipped with a motor that makes 16500 revolutions per minute. Despite such power, it boasts a low noise level of 60 dB. The device is not afraid of water (due to IPX7 certification) and has two modes: standard and delicate.

MiJia Sonic T100 works from one charge up to 30 days. This is provided that you brush your teeth 2 times a day for 2 minutes. By the way, every 30 seconds the gadget will remind you to change the cleaning zone. The brush is charged via a USB port.


The MiJia Sonic T100 is currently on sale on AliExpress for $9.09. With promo code MIJIASMRAT you can save 2%.

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