Xiaomi published financial reports and hurried to show off record profits. It appears to have skillfully capitalized on the sanctions imposed on Huawei, so Samsung, Apple, and other competitors should definitely be wary of a serious competitor.

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So, in the second quarter, Xiaomi led the smartphone markets in 22 countries, including Italy and France. Moreover, the company’s representatives proudly announced that they managed to maintain their first place in Spain for the sixth quarter in a row. In the second quarter, Xiaomi entered the top five in 65 global markets, according to Canalys.

Recall that in China, Xiaomi took only third place, losing the first two steps to Vivo and OPPO.

In total, Xiaomi shipped 52.6 million smartphones between April and June 2021, up 86.8% from the second quarter of 2020. As a result, this accounts for 16.7% of the global smartphone market share, making the company the second largest manufacturer in the world — after Samsung and ahead of Apple.

In addition, the number of MIUI users has already reached 450 million, and smart home device sales revenue has grown by 35.9% per year. Currently, 374 million IoT devices are connected to the Xiaomi platform.

Source: Xiaomi

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