Today, Ku Heng, CEO of Xiaomi Eco-Chain Division, unveiled the transparent version of Xiaomi’s new sound speaker, which has been named Xiaomi Sound Transparent Discovery Edition.

Xiaomi sound

As shown in the photo, the Xiaomi Sound Transparent Discovery Edition smart speaker has a transparent housing that allows you to see its insides. The device received a «floating» top cover, which serves as a control panel. Harman specialists were responsible for sound tuning. Xiaomi Sound and Xiaomi Sound Transparent Discovery reproduce sound with the same volume and quality in all directions (360 degrees). At the same time, you can combine multiple speakers (up to 8) to create surround sound at a big event or in a big house. The speaker can reproduce sound in the range of 70 Hz at 90 dB and supports high-resolution audio.

Inside are two 54 x 44mm passive radiators and Class D digital amplifiers. The device also supports voice assistant and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which is implemented in smartphones such as iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as in the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 with a camera under the screen.

Xiaomi Sound Transparent Discovery Edition

The standard Xiaomi sound speaker, however, the Discovery Mi transparent transparent sound is unlikely to be mass-produced.