Recently, Xiaomi introduced the Redmi 10. It has become the most affordable smartphone in the world with a 50-megapixel camera. A few days after the premiere, the manufacturer decided to demonstrate the superiority of the new product over its predecessor in the face of Redmi 9.

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What got better?

Redmi 10 turned out to be almost all the best models of the latest generation. The only thing the novelty has lost is the battery capacity. Although at 20 mAh it still decreased. In general, the company notes 18-watt wired charging, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and NFC.

Otherwise, the novelty surpasses its predecessor. In particular, the kit includes stereo speakers, reverse 9-watt charging, AdaptiveSync support, and a 22.5W power adapter. The display received an increased refresh rate, and a 50 MP sensor was added to the main camera.

Redmi 10 boasts increased memory and Helio G88 chip. For unknown reasons, placing the biometric sensor on the side has also been cited as an advantage. Although for many users it is more familiar when the fingerprint sensor is mounted on the back.

Recall that Redmi 9 in Europe appeared in versions 4/64 GB and 3/32 GB at a price of 179 and 149 dollars, respectively. The European price of Redmi 10 has not yet been disclosed. On AliExpress, the model costs 179-219 dollars, depending on the amount of memory.

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