Xiaomi has announced a new smart multicooker under the MiJia brand as part of the Youpin crowdfunding platform.

What is known

The novelty is called MiJia Smart Multifunctional kitchen pot. The device received a white case with a minimalist design and a capacity of 1.5 liters. The multicooker has a power of 1000 W and is able to heat up quickly. According to the manufacturer, 1 liter of water can be brought to a boil in 6 minutes. It also has a low power mode that powers the device at 300-800W. The gadget supports various cooking methods. For example, steaming, stewing and boiling. The multicooker can be controlled using a proprietary application on a smartphone. There are also 50 recipes available in the program.


The MiJia smart multifunctional pot is now asking for $26. After the device goes on sale, the price tag will increase to $30.

Source: XiaomiYoupin

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